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05/22/13 - JFtp 1.57 is available

Have fun with the latest release:

- 1.57-pre4 D. switched ftp, sftp and smb host chooser to miglayout
- 1.57-pre4 D. added miglayout manager and did some ui component refactoring
- 1.57-pre3 D. reimplemented sftp url parameter parsing
- 1.57-pre2 D. updated jsch to v1.49
- 1.57-pre2 D. fixed exception when enabling RSS feed
- 1.57-pre1 D. added actions "clear" and "scroll lock" to log panel
- 1.57-pre1 D. fixed SMB hostchooser size

Please note that JDK1.6 is required and you might have to do a manual javaws -uninstall if you use the webstart link below.

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