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03/28/16 - JFtp 1.60 is available

Have fun with the latest release:

- 1.60-pre3 D. cleaned up hasUploaded property, is now FtpConnection only
- 1.60-pre3 D. documented the BasicConnection interface
- 1.60-pre2 D. remote chdir dialog has wider input field now
- 1.60-pre2 D. remote chdir dialog now shows the current path as default
- 1.60-pre2 D. removed some outdated comments
- 1.60-pre2 D. updated jsch to v1.53
- 1.60-pre1 D. removed internal git repository
- 1.60-pre1 D. fixed ant run build task 

Please note that JDK1.6 is required.

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